Ethos, Mission and Values


"Called to Love as God Loves"

Our Mission Statement is underpinned by our 7 Core Values.


Love:  We witness God's love to the world.


Joy:  In joy we learn and in joy we grow.


Community:  We aim to serve and enrich our community based on the Gospel Values.


Faith:  We go forward in Faith as Missionary Disciples.


Dignity:  We recognise and celebrate the dignity of every human being.


Forgiveness:  We learn to forgive others just as Christ forgives us.


Honesty:  We uphold our core values with honesty.

Our 5Ws

St Mary's is a Roman Catholic Primary School, which aims to provide a high quality Catholic education for all children who attend the school. It is committed to working in partnership with the Diocese of Salford, the parents of its children and the local community. The Mission Statement of St Mary's is central to the ethos of the school.

We follow the ‘5Ws Framework’ in accordance with the Diocese of Salford. The 5Ws stand for:






As a school, the RE Curriculum is based on the Liturgical Calendar and also the schemes of work recommended by the Diocese of Salford.  The Come and See scheme is developed through 3 themes: Church, Sacrament and Christian Living.

Also, during the year, Judaism is taught for one week and the pupils learn more about how their Jewish sisters and brothers live and what they believe as the theme develops. Other religions are studied on a three year programme, either Hinduism, Sikhism or Islam.