The Sacramental Programme 2022-23

When you asked to have your child baptised you embarked with them upon a journey that would lead one day towards First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. Now that time has come you are invited to enrol your child upon the Sacramental Programme, which is a collaboration between home, school and parish and will help you and your child prepare for these lovely occasions when they will receive these two Sacraments for the first time.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation helps us to be aware of the loving mercy of God in our lives and to have the confidence to know that there can always be fresh starts with God and each other when we need them. In the reception of Holy Communion we receive Jesus so that we can know the closeness of God and be strengthened to be children of God, witnessing to his love in all the ups and downs of our lives.

Our commitment to the programme and to attending the meetings and celebrations will enable the children to have the best possible experience and our working jointly as home, school and parish is one of the great strengths of our Catholic community. Together we can ensure that this is a memorable and a blessed time for you and your family.

Dates for Your Diary 2022-23

Please find below the timetable for your child’s Sacramental Programme.


Year 3 are doing their First Holy Communion across 4 dates:

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