St Mary’s Geography Rationale

At St. Mary’s, pupils are encouraged to develop a knowledge of the world and their place in it.  The geography curriculum builds strategically, beginning with the pupils’ locality, and working further afield as they progress through the school.  It sequences knowledge, enabling an increasing understanding of the Earth’s key physical features and their relationship with human processes.  It includes an appreciation of how the world’s natural resources are used and transported and crucially the impact of this on climate change.  Through lesson content and first hand fieldwork experience, pupils are expected to consider respect for their local, national and international environments, underpinned by our Catholic values and wonder at God’s creation.  Pupils are explicitly and regularly taught specified geographical vocabulary to enable them to effectively understand curriculum content and articulate their understanding effectively. 
In other curriculum areas, to further familiarise children with the world and its regions, pupils are guided to identify the location of significant people, of significant events and the settings of stories, making links with their growing geographical knowledge. 

Geography Whole School Overview Curriculum Content

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Example Lesson Plan - Geography: Failsworth and our Locality

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Example Lesson Plan - Geography: Rainforests

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Should the UK continue to trade with South America?

Our Geography Lessons

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Geography Resources

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