St Mary’s History Rationale

We provide a bespoke knowledge-rich curriculum underpinned by research in cognitive science; enabling children to access a broad array of historical content. We have a deliberately sequenced programme that builds upon prior learning; recognising key vocabulary, ideas, people and places.

We have high expectations for what children will know and understand and we ensure content not only meets but exceeds the national curriculum. Content is structured so that more challenging concepts are taught in a variety of different contexts over time. For example, children develop an understanding of the monarchy and the Royal Family during reception and year 2, in order to understand hereditary monarchy. A study of the Mayan civilisation in year 6 provides a contrasting view of an absolute monarchy. Throughout their learning journey, the children learn about diverse, significant figures such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King and how they are all ‘Agents of Change’.

Whole School Overview History Content


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Who am I?

Why do we celebrate Bonfire Night?



Who was Eric Carle?



Who was Marie Curie?

Who was Bessie Coleman?

Who was Ernest Shackleton?

What was transport like in the past?


Who was Amelia Earhart?

What has happened during King

Charles III life?


Year 1

What did Mary Seacole do?

Why do we remember Guy Fawkes?

How has transport changed?


How can we compare the lives of Florence Nightingale, Edith Cavell and Mary Seacole?

Year 2

Who are the Royal Family?

What is special about Barak Obama?

What were the events of the Great Fire of London?


What were the achievements of Christopher Columbus, Amelia Earhart and Neil Armstrong?

Year 3

How did life change from the Stone Age to the Iron Age?

How did Rosa Parks change America?

What do we know about the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain?



Year 4

What were the greatest achievements of the Ancient Egyptians?



What happened when the Romans withdrew from Britain?


What do sources of evidence tell us about the Vikings?

Year 5

How has peaceful protest been used throughout history?


How have the Ancient Greeks influenced the western world?


How did the Industrial Revolution shape our local history?


Year 6


What impact did Katherine Johnson have on America?


How did Britain show solidarity during World War II?


What legacies were left by the Mayans?


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Example Lesson Plan: Year 2 History - Explorers

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Example Lesson Plan: Year 5 History - Ancient Greece

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Using Sources

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