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St Mary's Music Rationale

At St Mary’s, we use music as a tool to spread joy throughout our school.

Through our four teaching units, we provide children with the opportunity to listen to a diverse range of music, compose their own music, sing tunefully and perform confidently in front of an audience. Children are taught to respond critically to a piece of music and develop their own unique taste. It is our intent that music is an inspiring and enjoyable learning experience and that children see music as a form of expression and a way to bring people together.

By year 6, we aim for our children to have a strong understanding of key musical elements such as tempo, pitch, beat, melody, dynamics, rhythm, texture and harmony. Throughout their time at St Mary’s, children have the opportunity to experiment with a range of musical instruments and develop a good understanding of notation. Through assemblies, concerts and school performances, we enable the talented musicians that we have at St Mary’s to showcase their talents.

Music Whole School Overview Curriculum Content

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Music Provision 2022-23

The Oldham Music Service has a long and proud tradition of working with schools to provide top quality musical education to our young people.

Music can help children with other subjects on the curriculum and has been shown to have a significant impact on learning.  Children who succeed in learning to play a musical instrument gain above average results in all subjects even though they miss some curriculum time. Similar groups of children tested over years showed that the groups who also learned a musical instrument achieved considerably higher marks in core subjects of maths, languages and science. Better results in schoolwork are not the only benefits. Co-ordination and memory improve and practice develops self-discipline and motivation. Social skills are helped by working in groups and ensembles, where team-work and interpersonal skills are paramount.

The experience of performing teaches children to become self-reliant and individually responsible. The effect on a child’s confidence levels can transform their entire educational career.

Music is a part of everyone’s life. Love of music transcends barriers of, nationality, ethnicity, creed, gender, class and age. The study and practice of music develop co-ordination, understanding, creativity, confidence and spiritual strength. Group work requires individuals to collaborate, listen to each other, compromise for the greater good, communicate clearly and take responsibility.

Encourage your child’s interest as soon as possible. The earlier a child begins to play an instrument, the greater the improvement in all other areas. Praise them, remind them to practice and be patient. Support them at concerts and performances.

The tuition available at school is for Woodwind.  Instruments for woodwind tuition can be hired from the Music Centre.

The cost of the tuition is £43.00 per half term (payable in advance).  There are limited places for September therefore not everyone will be successful on this occasion, but children not successful on this occasion will be placed on a waiting list.  For further information please contact Mrs Hudson in the School Office.

Brass - Friday- Mr Wiilson

Woodwind KS2 - Tuesday afternoon - Mr Prince

Music Class Support and Choir - Friday - Mrs Butterworth. About thrity children drawn from Years 3 to 6 attend Choir each week. 

Classroom support consists of singing and practical National Curriculum Music.  All classes are on a rota so that each class will receive two visits per year Nursery through to Year 6. 

Further music support for year group assemblies and performances is provided by Mrs Butterworth.


Example Lesson Plan - Year 1 Music: Listening Unit. To view the full document please click on the document link below.

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Music Learning Resources

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