Friends of St Mary's

As the parent/guardian of a child at St. Mary’s you are automatically a member of ‘The Friends of St. Mary’s’.

The ‘ Friends’ work together to enhance the education of the children at the school, organising and running fund raising events and social activities, e.g. children’s discos.

They raise thousands of pounds annually and this goes directly to the school and is used for the benefit of the children.

Meeting are held half-termly or as necessary and all parents/guardians and those who wish to support our work on behalf of the children are invited to attend.

If you wish to get involved please give your name to Julie Eddison or to one of the parents already involved.

Our Next Meeting

Tuesday ? May 2018 at Millgate from 7pm. Everyone welcome.

100 Club

The 100 Club is a great way to raise money for school.  Each member has a chance of winning a £50 first prize and a £10 second prize each month.  For the club to work we need at least 100 members to pay £12 to hold one number for the year, which would be in the monthly draw. 

I am starting to collect renewal £12 for the next 100+ club 2018/19 - first draw starting in May. Please let me know if you don’t want to keep your number(s) or would like to join our Friends 100+ club.

Existing members who want to continue with their number(s), please send in your £12 cash or cheques (payable to St Mary’s RCPS) in a labelled envelope ‘Friends of St Mary’s 100+ club 2018/19’ to the school office. Along with your name & 100+ club number by Friday 27th April 2018. If I have not received your £12 by this date your number maybe sold to another person. Thank you.

Coffee Mornings

The school has a parent’s room in which a coffee morning is run every Friday from 9.00am until 10.30am. This is organised by the ‘Friends’, many of whom stay on to make toast for the children in the juniors at 10p a slice. All volunteers are welcomed with ‘open arms’ as this is a very popular treat for the children and is a healthy alternative to ‘tuck’. 

Please could we ask for more junior parents/ guardian volunteers! 

Bags 2 School - Summer Collection


Preloved Rail

The preloved rail is now up and running.  The rail is in the Ladybird Room and has a selection of nearly new uniform.  Please help yourself to any items you need (items are free).  If anybody has any unwanted nearly new uniform please send them into the school office.  All donations will be gratefully received.