Head Teacher's News - Spring Term 2018

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing at School. 



Head's News - January 2018

The children have been avidly monitoring the progress of the work on the Trim Trail which unfortunately has been hampered by the snow. Nonetheless, I have been assured that the work should be completed by Friday. The children are so excited and just can’t wait to get on it !

I am delighted to be able to report that Ms Murtin has established our first ever Eco Council. Our “Dream Team, Green Team” will be looking at ways that we can save energy and protect our planet for future generations. More news on this to follow soon!

I was invited to be a witness for the prosecution this morning in Year Two where The Big Bad Wolf was on trial accused of blowing down the house of the Three Little Pigs and attempting to eat Little Red Riding Hood! The rule of law was followed and justice seen to be done. Despite putting together a good defence claiming it was all a misunderstanding, the jury sentenced him to prison for 25 years.(with no ice cream for two weeks!)

Our after school clubs are up and running again this term they include: badminton, handball, netball, gymnastics and football.

Always Badge Awards - January 2018

This week, we have celebrated all those children who wear their always badges with pride everyday!

Our Always Children have been rewarded with Clerkin's Cuppa, ICT and Ipad Club!

Watch this space for more Always Treats!