Head Teacher's News - Spring Term 2019

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing at school.

Headteachers' News - March 2019

The Student Council organised a Pancake Day Flipping competition to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. Each child could bring in £1 to donate and enter the competition. They would have to flip a pancake as much as possible in a minute and the winners from KS1 and KS2 would receive a large Easter Egg! The runners up received a small chocolate prize. Our KS2 winner scored a massive 75 flips and the KS1 winner scored 35 flips! The Student Council managed to raise £391. 

Headteacher's News - February 2019

The Student Council had a great time organising the Pyjama Day for charity. Each class dressed up in their pyjamas and brought in as much money as they could to raise money for their Year groups charity. The Student Council had a great time counting it all! Each year group raised a lot of money for their charities:
Nursery (Donkey Sanctuary) - £44.05
Reception (McMillian) - £82.95
Year 1 (World Wildlife Foundation) - £56.05
Year 2 (Make a Wish) - £74.21
Year 3 (Cancer Research) - £53.30
Year 4 (Manchester Homeless Charity) - £42.02
Year 5 (Francis House Children's Hospice) - £43.30
Year 6 (Fairtrade) - £51.60 

With a combined total for the school of £445.48 
Well done St Mary's for all your hard work raising money for your charities!


For more photos please click on the picture link to visit the Student Council website page.

Headteacher's News - January 2019

Working with Father John to create a prayer garden in our school.  Work in progress, working together with Newman College.