Parent Partnership

As your child is a member of our school, you too are a member of our school community and wider parish community. We regard it as a privilege to share the life and development of your child. Education is a shared enterprise in which children parents and the school participate. Therefore a positive relationship between home and school enhances a child’s attitude to learning. As the child’s first educators parents have a vital role to play and we seek to involve you as fully as possible in the life and work of the school.

Each child is expected to work hard and is encouraged to give their best to all aspects of their learning. We expect each child to be tolerant towards all other members of our school community, showing a caring, considerate, Christian attitude.

The Diocesan Sacramental Programme provides the opportunity for parents to work closely with school and parish to share in the spiritual development of their child. The programme starts when children enter Year 3, but their spiritual development is built on as soon as they enter the school, working to support and enhance the work already done, and continuing to be done, by the parents.

We ask parents to support the school and the teachers by encouraging your child to have a positive attitude towards school.

We hope parents will take an active interest in their child’s education and that they will feel confident to discuss any issues with the class teacher.

We also ask that you bring to the attention of the school any circumstances which may affect the well being or behaviour of your child.

As a school we are very committed to the home/school partnership.

We encourage all parents to take an active interest in all activities which impact upon their child’s life at St Mary’s. This includes home based activities and homework.

Parents are welcome to help in school by prior arrangement with the class teacher.

Your constructive suggestions for improvements to any features of the school are always welcomed by the governors, head teacher the staff, and are given genuine consideration.

The School's Role

We are personally committed to do our best for each child and we endeavour to create a caring environment within which each child is:

  • regarded as an individual and valued for their own unique qualities
  • happy secure relaxed and confident in their relationships with people and their learning at school
  • encouraged and helped to achieve to the best of their ability in all aspects of their learning experiences

We strive to keep parents informed as fully as possible about their children’s progress, attainments and achievements.

If a child experiences significant difficulties over work, relationships or behaviour, we contact parents at an early stage in order to enlist their help and support in resolving the situation.

We aim to keep parents up to date on educational issues that may affect their child and on how they can support them.

Class teachers plan one term ahead and these plans are available for viewing. Planning is linked to school policy documents, which are also available for viewing at the school. Year topic plans are available at the start of each academic year for any parents who wish to have copies.