Extra Curricular Activities Autumn Term First Half 2018


Please see below the extra curricular activities that are happening this half term, starting week beginning 17th September.


Monday - Year 3/4 Football Trials (3 weeks only) Sham


Tuesday - Year 5/6 Football Trials (3 weeks only) Sham


Wednesday - Year 5/6 Netball - Miss Whitehead


Wednesday - Mixed Year Group Multi Skills - Tom


Thursday - Year 2 Multi Skills - George


Friday - Year 5/6 Archery - George

Science Club - Miss Bullock - Spring Term 2018

Science Club - Miss Bullock - Autumn Term 2017

This term a group of children from Year 1 have attended a weekly Science Club. The children have really enjoyed carrying out a range of Scientific experiments and investigations. Here are a few photographs of our 'Skittle Colour Experiment'. The children were very engaged making colour patterns and observing the effect that the hot water had on the sweets colouring. It made some beautiful patterns. Joshua sad, 'It's like magic Mrs Bullock.' Megan said, 'It looks like a rainbow'.

Science Club - Miss Bullock - Autumn Term 2017

On Halloween the children were very engaged dissecting pumpkins. The children enjoyed making lots of mess and using their senses to explore the inside of a pumpkin.  One week we carried out the mentos experiment and the children were very excited watching the explosion. Erin said, 'It's like fireworks.'

We observied the impact of coca cola on dirty coins. April said, 'Wow now they are very shiny.' Mollie said, 'The coke has cleaned them.' Carrying out many of of these experiments has highlighted the impact sweet things can have on their teeth.

Gardening Club

Summer Term 2017

Ukulele Club

Summer Term 2017

Art Club

Summer Term 2017