Outdoor Learning and Forest School

Forest School offers all our younger learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through outdoor play and experiences in nature.

At Forest School all participants are encouraged:

  • to explore and discover
  • to experience appropriate risk and challenge
  • to initiate and drive their own learning and development
  • to experience regular success
  • to develop positive relationships with themselves and other people
  • to develop a strong, positive relationship with nature

Our outdoor learning programme works with the changing seasons to fill every session with discovery and variety. 

Forest School Club and Outdoor Learning


Forest school club runs Thursdays 3:15 – 4:15pm.

Alternate half terms for children in Year 2 (Autumn 2, Spring 2 and Summer 2).


In addition to the Forest School Club, children in Early Years and KS1 get regular opportunities

to use our outdoor nature area.

Nursery have Nature Play sessions every week.


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Outdoor Learning Key Aims

Forest School Treat - March 2023

The children enjoying Forest School as a belated reward for recycling the most Christmas Cards.



Fun in the Snow! - December 2022

Forest School Christmas - December 2022

We had a wonderful time in Forest School club leading up to Christmas. The children played games, climbed trees, sung songs, did Autumn crafts, had snacks by the fire and created their very own winter solstice lantern. Ms Clarke taught us how to light a fire safely.

Forest School - October 2021

Year 2 have loved searching in the forest school for minibeasts and microhabitats.

The Great Bug Hunt - May 2021

Year 2 enjoyed a forest school session this afternoon as part of The Great British Bug Hunt Competition! We found lots of minibeasts and searched through the microhabitats together.

Reception Class Bug Hunt - May 2021

In forest school today the Reception Class children went on a bug hunt. As part of our science lessons, we chose to take part in this years Great Bug Hunt. The children had to explore our forest school area to look for bugs. We also introduced the word habitat as we asked the children to not only describe the bugs they could find but also their habitats. The children had great fun looking under logs and stones, in trees and bushes and through the grass. They used magnifying glasses to help them see all the parts of the bugs to help them classify and name each.

Mental Health and Forest School - May 2021

Y1 celebrating Mental Health Week through a variety of Forest school activities as the theme for the week was ' Nature'.

Forest School - April 2021

Year 4 had a fantastic morning working together to solve problems and build dens in our Forest School.

Year 1 Forest School Egg Hunt - March 2021

hi Year 1 visited Forest school and had an Easter Egg hunt. The Easter bunny had written to them to tell them he had lost some of his eggs and asked the children for help. The children put bunny ears on and quickly went off to find the eggs. When all the eggs had been found the children had a well deserved rest on the logs and enjoyed hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows along with a chocolate biscuit. The eggs that each group found were counted and the group with the most were announced as the winners. The children then ate the chocolate eggs everyone had found. What a wonderful time they all had!

Year 2 Forest School - March 2021

The Year 2's had a brilliant, muddy time at Forest School.