Our Children's Mission, Values and Our 5Ws

Our Values

Faith - We follow Jesus in everything we do.


Safe and Trust - Our school is a safe place where we trust each other.


Belong and Support - We belong to a loving parish family and our parents and teachers always support us.


Standards - At St Mary's we have high standards in all we do.


Special - Everyone is special at St Mary's.


Respect and Happy - We are always welcoming and caring to all and show respect to each other.


Humour and Enjoy - St Mary's is a school where we come to learn through exciting and fun lessons.


Standards - We do our best, even if we find it difficult.

Our 5Ws

We are very proud of the growing community we have here at St Mary's. The early Christians tried to live their lives according to the teaching and example of Jesus, their friend.

So they met together to talk about Jesus and all he taught them (we call this sharing the Word). They met together to pray (worship), they showed others how he wanted us to live (they gave witness) and they looked after each other (they cared about the welfare of all).


At St Mary's we:

Welcome visitors and new families with us

as we share the Word,

Worship together, give

Witness to our faith

and look after each other's Welfare