Safeguarding at St Mary's

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Safeguarding Team at St Mary's

Designated Safeguarding Officer: Ms Garvey

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer: Mrs Clerkin, Mrs Jacobs,

Designated Safeguarding Governor: Mr Aston

Well Being Lead: Mrs Dobrowolski, Mrs Millington

Caritas Social Worker: Mrs Ashworth

Attendance and Family Liaison Officer: Mrs Jacobs

Internet Safety Officer: Mr Barrett

Health and Safety Officer: Mrs Leigh and Mr Beaumont

Educational Visits Coordinator : Mrs Cotter


Fire Coordinator: Mrs Leigh

Fire Marshals: Early Years-Mrs Morgan; KS1 Ms Garvey; LKS2 Mrs Clerkin;

 UKS2 Mrs Faulkner/Mrs Kay; Office Area Mrs Hudson

First Aid at Work

Mrs Dobrowvolski, Mrs Amos, Mrs Skinkis Loftus Mrs Millington, Mrs Hanson, Mrs Ellis, Mrs Whipp

Paediatric First Aid

Mrs Bullock, Mrs Morgan, Miss Pschnishnayck, Miss Carr

Health and Safety

School Business Manager- Mrs Leigh

Site Manager- Mr Beaumont

Head Teacher- Ms Garvey

Deputy Head Teacher -Mrs Clerkin

Attendance September 2018

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Attendance and Punctuality at St Mary's

Every child should aim to achieve an overall attendance of 95%+ each academic year.  Studies have shown that poor attendance is linked to poor attainment. At St Mary’s we want all our children to Enjoy and Achieve and for that reason have the following attendance policy:



Key Stage 1 start school at 8.55 am and Key Stage 2 at 8.50 am. Children arriving after this time will have to sign in using the Inventry System in reception and will receive a late mark.  Children arriving after 9.30am will receive an unauthorised mark for the morning session. If children are 5 minutes late every day that adds up to over 3 days lost each year. 15 minutes late is the same as being absent for 2 weeks a year.

Morning session for the Nursery starts at 8.30am and the afternoon session at 12.30pm.



All absences must be reported by 9.30am on the first day of absence.  If no contact is received school will endeavour to contact parent/guardians via the school texting system or telephoning direct.  If school are unable to make contact with you by telephone, a letter informing parent/guardian of the absence will be sent out and a reply slip included for completion and returned to school.  Consequently, all absences without reason will be marked as unauthorised on a child’s attendance record.  School and the School Health Advisor are able to offer advice and/or leaflets on exclusions due to illness e.g:

1.          Chicken pox (child can return once the spots are healed over)

2.         Diarrhoea and Vomiting (24 hours after last episode)

3.         Coughs and colds (no absence required)

4.         Head lice (no exclusion, treatment should be completed without absence)


Furthermore, if a child is absent for two or more days there may be occasions when school requires parents to provide proof of illness; this can be in the form of a doctor’s letter, copy of prescription and or medication, which clearly show the dates corresponding with the absence.  Certain circumstances may result in a home visit, by our Family Liaison Officer who will, where possible contact parent/guardian’s prior to the visit to agree a convenient time.



Where possible, please make medical appointments outside of school hours.  However, we understand at times this is sometimes difficult, on these occasions please provide school with a medical card or letter. A medical appointment DOES reduce your child’s percentage attendance. 

Please also be aware we are not able to authorise siblings being taken out of school when they do not have an appointment.  These absences will be unauthorised.



Please be aware that absences for ‘snow’ days do affect your child’s attendance, whilst these may be authorised this does reduce your child’s overall attendance.



Where a child’s percentage attendance falls below 90% (the new persistent absentee figure), parents will be invited in to school for a meeting to discuss what support can be offered, in line with the Early Help Offer.  Should improvements not be maintained and sustained, Fast Track to Attendance will be instigated which could lead to prosecution through the courts

We trust you will do your upmost to support the school in upholding this policy and together, we can give your child the best educational start to their life.



The amendment to regulations is still in place making it clear that the Head Teacher ‘may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.’  This includes visits to countries of origin.  Holidays must not be booked prior to requesting permission; this must be made at least 6 weeks before intended departure. Forms are available from the school office.



School may at times request that a Penalty Notice, through the Education Attendance Service, is issued to a parent/carer, this will only be used when parent/carers have been informed of our concerns, offered support but do not work with us and/or show continued and sustained improvement.  Penalty Notices will be requested for the following reasons;

1.          Persistent unauthorised late arrival to school (after 9.30am)

2.         Unauthorised absences were no reasons have been provided by the parent/carer

3.         Holidays during term time where the child’s attendance is already a concern

Parents must from the 1st September 2013, pay £60 within 21 days or £120 within 28 days, this is per parent, per child’.