Student Council 2018-19

The Student Council at St Mary’s Primary School are a team of dedicated, organised and proud children ranging from Year 2 to Year 6.

The selection of the Student Council happens at the beginning of each academic year. One child from each class in years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are elected from a range of nominees. The Head Boy and Head Girl from year 6 also play an integral role within the Student Council, as they run the meetings as Chair and Vice Chair. All student councillors wear a distinctive badge so that others are aware of their role. The team meet up regularly and the meetings are facilitated by Miss Carr and Miss Gorman.

  • We develop our school and ourselves by discussing ideas and making decisions, whilst respecting everyone’s views and opinions.
  • We work together, ensuring our school is the best place it can be.
  • We aim to make all pupils in our school feel happy and safe.

The pupils elected to our School Council for the year 2018-19 are:

Head Girl -

Head Boy -

Year 5 -

Year 5 -

Year 4 -

Year 4 -

Year 3 -

Year 3 -

Year 2 -

Year 2 -

Student Council Newsletters 2018-19

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The Student Council Visit to see the Mayor of Oldham - June 2018

The Student Council went to visit the Mayor of Oldham and were very lucky to be able to ask him some questions!

Current Ideas - Summer Term 2018

The Student Council have been researching ideas on how to introduce some Break time Buddies at playtimes and lunch times. The Student Council have decided that Break time Buddies will be in charge of:

  • Looking after lonely children at break and dinner times.
  • Organising games for children.
  • Ensuring games are fair.
  • In charge of playtime equipment and putting it back safetly afterwards.

Breaktime Buddies will be on a rota so that different children will be on different dinner or break times. They will be able to be spotted on the playground with their special badge.   Student Council think it is very important that children do not feel lonely at break and dinner times and want to do something to help other children. This will make our school a happier and better place.

Improving Our School - Summer Term 2018

The Student Council are now thinking to raise money in the Summer Term they would like to hold a Colour Run for all children and maybe even the teachers! They would like to put the money that they save towards the school for next year so that we could buy some more playground equipment.

Work in Our Community - Spring Term 2018 

The Student Council worked very hard to raise money for Francis House in the Spring term. They sold hundreds of Easter Chicks that had a Cream Egg underneath. They managed to raise a massive amount of money!

Chick Sale for Francis House - March 2018

Well done to the Student Council who organised the chick sales for charity. The school has managed to raise a massive £527.75!

School Council - March 2018

The Student Council has been selling homemade knitted chickens to raise money for Francis House. They worked very hard and have raised a lot of money!