School Uniform

It is the policy of the school that all children wear uniform.  We place great importance on the appearance of our children as an outward reflection of our values and beliefs.  Our uniform is practical and smart.  Children are not permitted to wear jewellery or nail varnish and hairstyles must be simple and not extreme e.g. not shaved/ no tramlines/ not dyed/ not over spiked.  Hair accessories should preferably be in the school colours.  Please label uniform clearly with your child’s name and class.

Nursery Children

We recommend that grey or black jogging pants or pull on skirts replace the more formal school uniform trousers, as these are easier for children to manage and help encourage independence.

Ordering School Uniform

We are running down the uniform stock held in school and will not be replacing it.  Once the existing stock has gone, uniform can no longer be purchased via the school. Uniform can be ordered online from Gooddies or My Clothing.  Details below:

Please click on the link to order uniform for our school. 


Gooddies School Uniform Ordering


My Clothing School Uniform Ordering


Boy's Uniform

White shirt or white polo shirt, grey trousers, royal blue jumper or royal blue sweatshirt. 

Summer - short grey trousers (optional).

Girl's Uniform

White shirt or white polo shirt, grey skirt, pinafore or grey flannel trousers, royal blue cardigan, sweatshirt or jumper. 

Summer - pale blue and white striped or gingham dress (optional).


Both boys and girls should wear sensible black school shoes and plain socks. No fashion footwear or trainers. No brightly patterned socks or tights.

P.E. Kit

White T-shirt (no football/sports shirts), navy blue shorts and black pumps.  Book bags and drawstring PE bags can be purchased via the school office.  School does not have the space to accommodate large bags so these should not be brought into school.