Student Council 2018-19

The Student Council at St Mary’s Primary School are a team of dedicated, organised and proud children ranging from Year 2 to Year 6.

The selection of the Student Council happens at the beginning of each academic year. One child from each class in years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are elected from a range of nominees. The Head Boy and Head Girl from year 6 also play an integral role within the Student Council, as they run the meetings as Chair and Vice Chair. All student councillors wear a distinctive badge so that others are aware of their role. The team meet up regularly and the meetings are facilitated by Miss Carr and Miss Gorman.

  • We develop our school and ourselves by discussing ideas and making decisions, whilst respecting everyone’s views and opinions.
  • We work together, ensuring our school is the best place it can be.
  • We aim to make all pupils in our school feel happy and safe.

The pupils elected to our School Council for the year 2018-19 are:


Year 2: Bella and Jonah

Year 3: Alana and Darcey

Year 4: Christopher and Ryan

Year 5: Seren and Talia

Year 6 - Head Boy - Tugledore


Year 6 - Head Girl - Georgia

Student Council Newsletters 2018-19

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File icon: pdf School Council Newsletter Spring 2019 [pdf 578KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf School Council Newsletter Spring 2 and Summer 2019 [pdf 547KB] Click to download

Student Council Suggestion Box

The Student Council have made a box for the school so that everyone can give their suggestions. Half of the week the juniors will write post it notes with ideas of things that they would like and then the other half of the week the infants do the same. This box helps the children to gather ideas and collectively witness what the children of St Mary's want. 

Ideas So Far

The Student Council have been sorting out the ideas from the suggestion box and realised that many of the children, especially year 6's, wanted to sit on benches during assembly times. The Student Council passed this information on and now their wish has been granted! 
The Student Council also realised that many children wanted a lot more equipment for break times. As a result, the Student Council have asked the school for a list of objects from the catalogue. They chose these together and discussed if objects would be useful or not at playtimes. 
The Student Council realised that many people wanted to buy larger objects for the school, thus resulting in the Student Council deciding to hold a pyjama day to raise money. This event will be happening in the upcoming half term.

Student Council Minutes 2018-19

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File icon: pdf Student Council Minutes 16.10.18 [pdf 96KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Student Council Minutes 20.11.18 [pdf 93KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf 11th December Student Council Minutes 2018 [pdf 89KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf 15th January Student Council Minutes 2019 [pdf 92KB] Click to download

Student Council Pancake Toss - March 2019

The Student Council organised a Pancake Day Flipping competition to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. Each child could bring in £1 to donate and enter the competition. They would have to flip a pancake as much as possible in a minute and the winners from KS1 and KS2 would receive a large Easter Egg! The runners up received a small chocolate prize. Our KS2 winner scored a massive 75 flips and the KS1 winner scored 35 flips! The Student Council managed to raise £391. 

Student Council Pyjama Day - February 2019

The Student Council had a great time organising the Pyjama Day for charity. Each class dressed up in their pyjamas and brought in as much money as they could to raise money for their year groups charity. The Student Council had a great time counting it all! Each year group raised a lot of money for their charities:
Nursery (Donkey Sanctuary) - £44.05
Reception (McMillian) - £82.95
Year 1 (World Wildlife Foundation) - £56.05
Year 2 (Make a Wish) - £74.21
Year 3 (Cancer Research) - £53.30
Year 4 (Manchester Homeless Charity) - £42.02
Year 5 (Francis House Children's Hospice) - £43.30
Year 6 (Fairtrade) - £51.60 

With a combined total for the school of £445.48 
Well done St Mary's for all your hard work raising money for your charities!

 The Mayor's Chambers in Oldham - June 2018