Nursery Gallery of Events 2017-18

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Nursery.


Farm Visitors - April 2018

To celebrate the children's learning all about 'Farm Animals' a mobile farm visited our Nursery for the day. The children had a wonderful time on the farm observing all the animals.

Where do animals live?  - January 2018

The children played a matching game to promote turn taking skills.

Learning about different textures ice, cotton wool, wet cotton wool and frozen cotton wool. Describing how it feels and what it looks using our senses.

Creating polar bear pictures using different textures newspaper, card, tissue paper and cotton wool.

Nursery Rhyme Ball - November 2017

Our wow day was a great success and it celebrated the end of our topic. All the children looked amazing in their costumes.

Nursery Reading Day - October 2017

Look at us reading...

Nursery Reading Day - October 2017 Cont.


 Look at us reading...