Preparing Your Child for Nursery

In preparing your child for school, don’t ‘worry’ that you might do the wrong thing.  You know your own child best and what is right for them. In order to develop your child’s interest in learning the following ideas may be helpful when playing with your child.

Share stories regularly with them, emphasising the pleasure that can be had from stories and books.


BBC School Radio - Storytime


Oxford Owls - Free e-book library

Sing nursery Rhymes and songs with them e.g. Five Currant Buns in a Bakers Shop, Humpty Dumpty and Heads shoulders Knees and Toes.


BBC School Radio - Nursery Songs and Rhymes

Talk about what will happen when they first come to school and be positive.

Show an interest in things they like to talk about and extend their conversation skills.

Help your child learn to dress and undress themselves and to use a knife and fork.


Using a knife and fork Information

Click to Download Using a knife and fork information sheet [pdf 285KB] Click to Download

Help them learn to fasten their own coat, and go to the toilet by themselves.

Build towers and make models with toys, Lego and other construction toys. Talk about what they are doing and how they are doing it.

Help them to cut pictures out of magazines and cards to make pictures and collages.


CBeebies - Make