Reception Gallery of Events 2021-22

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Reception.

Settling In - September 2021

Reception have settled into their new class very well and have been having lots of fun. The children have enjoyed exploring all of the classroom areas and their imaginations, confidence and friendship circles are beginning to grow already. They have been making playdough, building in the outdoor area, painting and designing.

Ourselves Topic - September 2021

We have read the story 'The Family Book' and have learnt that we all have different families, names, likes and dislikes and that we are all unique. The children enjoyed looking at themselves in the mirror and identifying their facial features, before making their face using different resources. We have also read the story 'The Colour Monster'. We have discussed how our feelings change, how we can manage our feelings when we might be upset or unhappy and have spoken about all of the different people that we can talk to. The children enjoyed discussing their feelings and making a colour monster in the creative area.

PE Lesson - September 2021

Reception have taken part in their first PE lesson and they were very excited about this. They independently got changed into their new PE kits and joined in with their friends. They learnt how to find a space and how to move in different ways. They listened very carefully throughout the lesson and loved every minute of it.