Reception Gallery of Events 2022-23

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Reception.

Chinese New Year - January 2023

This week, Reception have learnt about the festival of Chinese New Year. They learnt about the story of the animal race and how the festival is celebrated. They took part in lots of activities from making shakers and lanterns to having a go at Chinese writing and mark making. It was a lovely week of learning! 

Arcimboldo Oil Pastels - January 2023

Reception have experimented with oil pastels and charcoal. They have learnt to draw light and heavy lines and how to smudge. They then used these skills to create art work in the style of the Italian artist Arcimboldo. 


Reception's Christmas Craft Morning - December 2022

Reception had a wonderful time with their parents participating in many Christmas crafts.


Rainbows - December 2022

In Art this half term, Reception have been learning about the primary and secondary colours. The children explored how to mix the primary colours themselves and they then painted their own rainbows. 

Colour - November 2022

This half term, Reception are learning about colour. They learnt about the primary colours and then experimented to make secondary colours. The children loved making secondary colours by mixing the colours on their hands but they loved getting messy even more! 


Colour Mixing Firework Painting - November 2022

The children have been using leftover sunflower roots to create firework paintings in the outdoor area.  They have been learning how to paint with no brushes.

Mr Potato Heads - November 2022

Reception have been developing their fine motor skills by making Mr Potato heads. The children planned their work on a clipboard and then used the different vegetables to make it. They used cocktail sticks to join the vegetables together. They all had great fun!

Day of the Dead - October 2022

This half term, the children have celebrated the 'Day of the Dead' festival. They made paper decorations, marigolds and masks to use during the celebration. They used all of their creations to make an altar to honour all their family members who have passed away. It was a lovely day. 

Diwali Celebrations - October 2022

 In Reception the children have been learning about the festival Diwali and have made Diya lamps out of clay, glitter and sequins to celebrate.  All of Reception wish everyone a Happy Diwali.

Traditional Tales - October 2022

This half term, Reception's topic has been Traditional Tales. They learnt about 'The Three Little Pigs' and 'The Gingerbread Man' in detail and read lots of other stories too. To celebrate the end of the topic the children took part in a Traditional Tales Ball. They all came to school dressed as their favourite character and participated in lots of activities. They enjoyed planting seeds for Jack and the Beanstalk, building houses that could not be blown down by the wolf and experimenting to understand why the gingerbread man could not cross the river. It was a fabulous day!

The Human Body - October 2022

In Reception, we have been learning about the human body. We began the week by reading 'Funny Bones' and then looked at the bones in the body. The children had a go at cutting out a skeleton, putting the bones back together and then labelling them. They all showed great perseverance.
The children have also learnt about the work of Marie Curie. They learnt how to scrunch paper to decorate a daffodil. 

Starting School - September 2022

Reception have been reading the story 'Starting School' and have been learning about our school routines, how we behave and our 'Always Rules'. The children enjoyed using different texture to make their mini-me 'Always' child. 


Writing Our Names - September 2022

This half term, the children in Reception are practising writing their name and perfecting their letter formation. They particularly enjoyed writing huge letters on a big roll of paper. 

Portraits - September 2022

We begin the school year with the topic 'All About Me'. The children have talked about their families, who lives in their house and have discussed their own appearance. They have learnt that we are all unique and that we are special because we were made by God. The children then enjoyed painting a self-portrait through the Plan-Do-Review process. 

Colour Monsters - September 2022

In Reception, children take part in weekly self-regulation lessons, where they explore their emotions and feelings. The children enjoyed using different textures to create their own colour monsters.