Reception Gallery of Events 2021-22

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Reception.

Art Lesson: Piet Mondrian - May 2022

In Art this half term, Reception are learning about primary colours and the work of the Artist Piet Mondrian. They learnt about the 3 primary colours and then experimented by mixing colours to create secondary colours. 


Growth Topic - April 2022

Reception are learning about growth. They have planted lots of seeds and flowers and also had a visit form the chicks. They learn about the lifecycle of a chick and how to care for them. They enjoyed observing the eggs, watching them hatch and then watching them grow. They were even brave enough to stroke them. 


Spring - March 2022

Reception have been learning about the season of Spring. They have learnt about how plants grow and have enjoyed planting their own sunflower seeds, as well as planting vegetables and flowers in the outdoor classroom. 


Vehicles - March 2022

This half term, the children have been learning about vehicles. They learnt how to make a wheel axle and made a vehicle by junk modelling. They then attached the wheels and experimented at rolling their vehicles down ramps and across different surfaces. 

Visit to Church - March 2022

Reception chidren enjoyed visiting church to learn more about their topic 'Gathering'. They visited parts of the church that are used for celebrations and finished their trip by gathering together to say a prayer and to sing a hymn.

Stay and Pray - March 2022

Reception had a lovely time at their Stay and Pray session. They enjoyed taking part in activities and making lots of crafts in preparation for Easter. It was lovely to welcome parents and careres into the clasroom and share our learning with them.


Maps - March 2022

This half term, Reception are learning about 'Vehicles and journeys'. Within this topic, they are learning how to follow maps and about road safety. They began by following a map around school. They learnt how to identify places on a map, follow a route and spot the destination at 'x marks the spot'. They then enjoyed making their own maps of the classroom and their local area.

Road Safety - March 2022

They also had a visit from a Road Safety expert. The children learnt importance of 'Stop, Look and Listen' and then practised how to safely cross the road.

Chinese New Year Celebrations - February 2022

Reception have been learning about the celebration of Chinese New Year. They have learnt about how people prepare and celebrate the festival. The children have been busy making Chinese dragons and lanterns and particularly enjoyed having a go at eating Chinese food with chopsticks!


Maths Lesson - February 2022

In Maths this half term, Reception have been exploring numbers 6-10 and have been learning how to measure height and length and make pairs. 


Science: Polar Bears - February 2022

The children have been learning about how Polar animals stay warm. They took part in a blubber experiment to explore the benefits of having blubber. 

Arctic Art - February 2022

In Reception, we have been very busy creating art work. The children developed their fine motor and scissor skills by folding paper, cutting it and decorating it to create snowflakes. They have also learnt the skill of blending and smudging. The children have used charcoal to make winter trees and then painted a Polar background and drew their favourite Arctic animal using oil pastels. 

Christmas - December 2021

In the run up to Christmas, we have had lots of fun. We began by making our classroom festive by decorating the classroom and Christmas tree and by transforming the role-play area into Santa's workshop. The children wrote letters to Santa and we all took a trip to the postbox to send them to the North Pole. Within the classroom provision, the children have also made maps to Santa and have made pictures by hand printing.

Church - December 2021

In RE this term, the children have been learning about the topic 'Welcome.' Within this, we have learnt about Baptism and how we are all welcomed into God's family. They enjoyed looking at the pictures of themselves and their friends and identified the Baptism candles, white shawl and holy water that was used. Towards the end of the topic, the children enjoyed visiting chuch, where we acted a baptism and took the time to sing hymns and say prayers.


Forest School - December 2021

The children have been learning about the season of Autumn and the changes that occur in the environment. Reception have enjoyed exploring the Forest School looking for leaves of different colours as well as searching for acorns and conkers. We also read the story 'Leaf Man' and used the resources found to make Leaf Men of their own.



Celebrations and Fireworks - November 2021

The children have learnt about the festival of Diwali. We spoke about how Diwali and Bonfire night are both celebrated with fireworks. The children all had a go at making a sparkler by decorating a breadstick with chocolate and sprinkles. They then took them out to forest school and pretended to have a bonfire and set off fireworks. They had lots of fun and particularly enjoyed eating it at the end.


Forest School - October 2021

Reception take part in a weekly Forest School. This term, they have learnt about  how to keep their bodies healthy. We discussed the things we could do first such as eating fruit and vegetables, exercising and brushing our teeth. Then we went out into the forest school to taste some exotic fruits - kiwi, mango, pomegranate and blueberries. They then took part in some exercise by exploring our forest school - walking, running and climbing trees. We also discussed how we risk assess our own activities when climbing the tree.
The children also enjoyed searching for signs of Autumn within forest School. They found red, yellow and orange leaves and acorns. They were unable to find any conkers but are determined to find some as we progress through the season.

The Three Little Pigs - October 2021

In our Topic lessons, we have been learning about 'The Three Little Pigs'. After reading and learning about the story, the children had a go at making their own houses using different resources. Firstly, they traced around squares and triangles to make a house outline. They then used a sponge to print red bricks, straws to represent sticks and they used hay from a farm to create the straw house. Their finished work looks brilliant!

Day of the Dead - October 2021

The children have had lots of fun taking part in our 'Day of the Dead' celebrations. The children have been discussing how we celebrate this festival and have learnt that is it celebrated in Mexico and they have a parade, dress up, make an altar and make decorations. This morning, the children had a fashion show and parade to show off their outfits. They then decorated biscuits by adding skeletons and flowers using icing pens.


Settling In - September 2021

Reception have settled into their new class very well and have been having lots of fun. The children have enjoyed exploring all of the classroom areas and their imaginations, confidence and friendship circles are beginning to grow already. They have been making playdough, building in the outdoor area, painting and designing.

Ourselves Topic - September 2021

We have read the story 'The Family Book' and have learnt that we all have different families, names, likes and dislikes and that we are all unique. The children enjoyed looking at themselves in the mirror and identifying their facial features, before making their face using different resources. We have also read the story 'The Colour Monster'. We have discussed how our feelings change, how we can manage our feelings when we might be upset or unhappy and have spoken about all of the different people that we can talk to. The children enjoyed discussing their feelings and making a colour monster in the creative area.

PE Lesson - September 2021

Reception have taken part in their first PE lesson and they were very excited about this. They independently got changed into their new PE kits and joined in with their friends. They learnt how to find a space and how to move in different ways. They listened very carefully throughout the lesson and loved every minute of it.