Reception Gallery of Events 2020-21

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Reception.

Map Skills Treasure Hunt - April 2021

This term, the children are learning about maps and how to read them. This afternoon the children discovered a map of their classroom. They followed the route around the classroom, checked their environment to ensure that they were correct and enjoyed picking up treats along the way. The children had so much fun and particularly enjoyed finding the treasure where X marked the spot.


Easter - March 2021

The children learnt about how we can prepare for Easter and enjoyed making Easter baskets and Easter Nest cakes. We then had a visit from the Easter Bunny and the children went on a Maths Easter Egg hunt. They had to workout the maths sum and then run around the Forest School to find the answer until they reached the end. They picked up Easter treats along the way and put them in their Easter basket. They all had such a wonderful time!

International Women's Day and Science Day - March 2021

To celebrate International Women's Day and Science Day, the children have been learning about Bessie Coleman. Bessie was the first black, female pilot. The chidlren were fascinated by her life and achievements and enjoyed making paper aeroplanes.
They have also learnt about the artist 'Arcimboldo'. They learnt about his life and had a look at some of his work. They then explored how they can make lines using oil pastels. To begin, they took a line for a walk and then filled in their loops and shapes with oil pastels. They selected the colours they wanted to use, practised smudging the pastel and combined colours. 


Chinese New Year - February 2021

The children enjoyed learning about the festival of Chinese New Year. The children learnt about  how to prepare for the festival and how it is celebrated. They made lots of crafts and enjoyed trying some Chinese food.

Christmas Fun - December 2020

In the run up to Christmas the children completed lots of crafts and baking, including. making gingerbread reindeer and Reindeer cakes. The children enjoyed sitting infrint of the virtual fire with a hot chocolate and eating the treats they had made. We also finished the term with a fabulous Christmas Party. The chidlren dressed iin their party clothes and had so much fun dancing, playing games and watching a pantomime.  

Diva Lamps - November 2020

We learnt about the festival of Diwali and looked at different ways that it is celebrated and the children then made their own Diva lamps. They made the salt dough themselves, added food coluring to make their diva lamp a different colour and then moulded it and added glitter for decoration. They all looked super and the chidlren were very proud of them.

Colour Mixing - November 2020

In art, the children learnt about primary colours. They then practised mixing colours to look at the secondary colours they could make. They painted each hand in a primary colour of their choice, mixed them together and printed them onto paper. It was very messy but very fun!

Bonfire - November 2020

To introduce our topics Seasons and Celebrations and as the children are unable to attend Bonfires this year we decided to have one at school. The children made their own sparklers using breadsticks, chocolate and sprinkles and we then went to the forest school to make the fire. We watched the teacher light the bonfire and then used our homemade sparklers to pretend to write and draw patterns. We enjoyed singing campfire songs and even had hot chocolate.

Baking 'The Gingerbread Man' - October 2020

We learnt about Traditional Tales and read the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'. At the end of the week the children enjoyed making their own gingerbread man. They weighed out the ingredients, mixed them together and used a rolling pin and cutter. The children had a wonderful time and enjoyed taking them home to eat.

Traditional Tales Ball - October 2020

To celebrate the end of our Traditional Tales topic we had a Ball. We all dressed up as our favourite character and came into school for a fun packed day. We read lots of stories, played games and enjoyed a tea party. We also made our own stories with our friends and drew pictures in them.