Year 1 Gallery of Events 2018-19

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 1.


Christmas Party - December 2018

KS1 Nativity - December 2018

Well done everyone!

2D Shape Sorting - November 2018

We practised sorting 2D shapes in lots of different ways - by shape, by size, by colour…….

2D Shapes Game - November 2018

We played an interactive 2D shape sorting game. We sorted the shapes into 2 groups of different shape.  We also put the shapes into groups of different sizes.

Baptism Service - November 2018

We visited our parish church to look at special objects used in a Baptism service. We looked carefully at the font and paschal candle. We also acted out using them in a baptism service.

Superhero Day - October 2018

Year 1 have had the best superhero day to end their topic! 

Superhero Day - October 2018


Superhero Day - October 2018

Year 1 celebrating a Superhero 'WOW' Day with such activities as making superhero shields and masks; superhero colouring; save the superheroes motor skills activity and superhero obstacle course.

Para-Liturgy - October 2018

1891- Children celebrating a para-liturgy based on the theme of families.


Growing-Up Dance - September 2018

Learning a dance about 'Growing up' linked to our topics of 'Changes in our living history' and 'Animals including humans' Sept 2018

Supporting MacMillian Cancer Research - September 2018

Miss Carr's class went outside to let balloons float to heaven so Jesus could help those people who MacMillian are supporting and caring for.

Food Tasting - October 2018

The Year 1's are learning about our body and our senses. We had a food tasting lesson to test our taste buds. We tasted some lemons, oranges, sweets, salty crisp and chocolate. These were our reactions!

Fairy Wishes - September 2018

Year 1 have had a great first week writing their wishes for the end of Year 1.  We put them in the fairy garden and luckily the fairies came to visit and took our wishes, leaving us a surprise in our jar - fairy magic!  Hopefully they've granted our wishes...