Year 1 Gallery of Events 2017-18

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 1.

Ice Cream Factory Chester - July 2018

We went to an ice cream factory near Chester for our end of year treat.  We had an amazing time.

Science Week - June 2018

A scientist came to visit Year 1 and we got to feel mouse and sheep's brains!

Science Week - June 2018

We had great fun with our coke and mentos experiment.

Earthquakes - May 2018

The Year 1's are now learning about Earthquakes and have learnt how they can stay safe in an Earthquake. They are making Earthquake proof houses!

Measuring with a Ruler - April 2018

We have been learning to use a ruler for measuring different objects.

Three Little Pigs Houses - April 2018

The children were making a wind proof house for the three little pigs in science. The children brought all the material in themselves and worked as a team to put them together. We will test them this week.

Volcanoes - April 2018

Year 1 are currently learning about Extreme Weather. They have already started learning about Volcanoes - how they are made and the different types. They had such fun when they made their own volcanoes!
The children made their own volcano in groups using: water bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid, red dye and vinegar.


Easter Egg Hunt - March 2018

Year 1 had a fabulous time on their Easter Egg Hunt!

World Book Day - March 2018

Thank you so much to the parents for the children's outfits for World Book Day. The children looked amazing!' 

ESafety Workshop - February 2018

 'The children have been learning about the story of Blip the little robot who becomes unplugged and plays outside instead. We have been learning about how to stay safe online but also how we need to stop playing on our computers so much and go out side so that we don't get square eyes! #BeLikeBlip'

ESafety Letter Writing - February 2018

I want to be more like Blip.

Year 1 Planting - February 2018

Year 1's have loved learning about the parts of a plant. They are also having a competition for who's sunflower can grow the quickest!

Year 1 Jewish Week - January 2018

The children have loved learning about Judaism. They have learnt all about Hannukah and the Menorah Candle. Then they looked at Synagogues and the Star of David. They had fun making their candles and stars through trial and error in their Design and Technology lesson!

Vincent Van Gogh Topic - January 2018

The children are loving learning about Vincent Van Gogh. They are learning lots of facts about him and are learning new techniques such as sketching and using oil pastels.

Christmas Dress Up - December 2017

The children had a brilliant time dressing up as snowmen for Christmas! As you can tell...

Teddy Bear's Picnic Wow Day! - December 2017

The Year 1's loved their Teddy Bear's Picnic Wow Day!  We loved wearing our pyjamas all day, cuddling up with blankets and cushions whilst watching a film and eating loads of popcorn! What a brilliant day.' 

Teddy Bear's Picnic Wow Day! - December 2017

More photos of our fun day...

We're Going on a Bear Hunt - November 2017

The Year 1's went on a Bear Hunt and they got very muddy and wet. They still had an amazing time!

Cole said "My favourite part was the splashy water!" Megan said "My favourite part was the swishy swashy grass!" and Joshua said "My favourite part was all of it!"

Dick Whittington Panto - November 2017

The Year 1 children visited Oldham Coliseum to watch the Dick Whittington pantomime. They had a brilliant time! The children’s work will tell you everything that we did!

Quentin Blake Art - November 2017

The children have been learning about Quentin Blake in Art. They have been studying his pictures and drawing observational pictures from his work. Year 1 have loved learning about his life and really love his funny pictures!