Year 1 Gallery of Events 2021-22

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 1.

Bean Growing Experiment - March 2022

The children have been setting up a growing bean experiment. They are going to record their observations of how their beans grow over the next few days/ week.  This experiment is linked to the theme of 'Growth' for British Science Week and their current topic of Plants.


Stay and Pray - March 2022

Year 1  'Stay and Pray' with parents.  Activities and crafts for Lent. 

International Womens Day - March 2022

In Science, for International Womens Day the children in Year 1 have been learning about Helen Sherman. We did our own rocket launch because she was the first female British astronaut!

World Book Day - March 2022

World Book Day in Year 1.  Prizes were awarded for Class Dojo Reading Challenge for the most books read over the mid-term and most imaginitive vocab costumes for our vocab parade.

Mill Making - February 2022

Valentine's Day Celebrations - February 2022

Historical Failsworth - February 2022

The Year 1 children had a local walk to explore historical Failsworth. The children spotted lots of old cotton mills around Failsworth, Failsworth Pole and houses built over 150 years ago.

Fruit Salads - February 2022

The Y1 children have been enjoying designing, making and of course tasting their own fruit salads this half term.

Local Mills - February 2022

The Y1 children having been learning about the history of Failsworth. This week the have been learning about the local cotton mills. This afternoon, they enjoyed working together to make models of one of the local mills.


Busy January - January 2022

We have had a busy start to the new year- making compasses, moving pictures and friendship chains.

Christmas is coming! - December 2021

Year 1 enjoying advent assembly, some special visits from Santa and one of his elves who delivered letters from Santa in reply to the children's own letters to Santa. Christmas Party day - playing bingo.

Odd Socks Day - November 2021

Y1 watched CBBC live lesson about Bullying and wearing their odd socks to celebrate Odd Sock Day and the beginning of anti-bullying week.

Cinema Trip - November 2021

The Year 1 children enjoyed a trip to Cineworld to watch Trolls Music Tour. The children had a great time singing and dancing along. It was perfect timing just before anti-bullying week as the story is all about how it is OK to be different, celebrating everyones uniqueness.


Parts of the Body - November 2021

We have been learning about the parts of the human body - what parts can we recall and learning the names of less familiar parts thigh, chest, ankles etc.

Day of the Dead Costumes - October 2021

Y1O'L in their Day of the Dead costumes.

Dia de los Muertos Shrine - October 2021

We made a class Day of the Dead shrine after learning about the different items that go on the shrine and what they mean.


Go Green - September 2021

Y1O'L celebrating 'Go Green' to raise much needed funds for their chosen charity CAFOD.

World Peace Day - September 2021

Y1 celebrating World Peace Day by making a symbol of peace - doves.