Year 1 Gallery of Events 2022-23

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 1.

Observation Drawing - April 2023

Year 1 have learnt how to sketch an observation drawing of a flower. They have also learnt about a botanist artist named Anne Pratt.

Stay and Pray - March 2023

Year 1 had a lovely morning at their Stay and Pray session. They loved creating palms to wave at Jesus, Lent crosses, moving pictures, making Lent promises and reading holy stories.

World Book Day - March 2023

EYFS and KS1 had the best time dressing up as a word of their choice. They loved the Vocabulary Parade and enjoyed attending the Book Swap.

Types of Trees - February 2023

Year 1 loved going outside today to identify different types of trees.’

'Unplugged' - January 2023

Year 1 have had the best time investigating what has happened in the classroom over the weekend. We believe that Blip has become unplugged and has left all of the mess! Year 1 are going to explore the story of ‘Unplugged’ and find out more information as to why Blip would leave the room in such a mess. Then they are going to write a recount of what has happened.

Design Technology: Preparing Food - January 2023

Year 1 have loved learning how to make a fruit skewer in Design and Technology. They have learnt new skills to chop, peel and cut fruit and vegetables to create this.

Christmas Nativity - December 2022

Year 1 and Year 2 have had a great time performing in our Christmas Nativity. Well done to everyone!

Art: Chair Designs - December 2022

Year 1 have loved learning about form in art. They have constructed their own chair designs and tested if they are durable.

Writing - December 2022

Year 1 have worked really hard with their free write this week. They have written sentences using precursive handwriting and vocabulary that we have learnt over previous weeks.

Autumn - December 2022

Year 1 had a great time learning about autumn. They went outside to the forest school and were identifying leaves. Then they came inside and sketched them.

Cinema and Pantomine - November 2022

Year 1 have enjoyed going on 2 trips over the past weeks. We have visited the cinema and the pantomime to broaden our cultural capital.


Disgusting Sandwiches - November 2022

‘Year 1 LOVED making their disgusting sandwiches. They have read the book and learnt about imperative verbs. Today they made and attempted to eat their disgusting sandwich.’


Day of the Dead Celebrations - October 2022

Year 1 have had an amazing time celebrating Day of the Dead. We all dressed up and brought in pictures of our loved ones so that we can remember them on our Day of the Dead altar.


Our Local Area - October 2022

Year 1 enjoyed a trip that is part of our geography topic in humanities 'our local area'. 

World Mental Health Day - October 2022

Year 1 have loved dressing in yellow for World Mental Health Day. They also did a treasure hunt in our forest school to find yellow objects.

Local Walk - October 2022

Year 1 had a great time on their trip around their local community. They saw features of their town such as their local church, canal, doctors, shop and library. They also used compass points when walking to help them with their direction.

DT: Sliders and Levers - September 2022

‘Year 1 have loved their first week back! We were designers this week and worked on mechanisms such as sliders and levers to create a moving picture.’