Year 1 Gallery of Events 2020-21

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 1.

Crazy Hair Day - July 2021

Year 1's crazy hair day was brilliant. We were even joined by Harry on Google classroom.

Human Clocks - July 2021

Year 1 made a giant human clock to help the children learn o'clock and half past and then they went on to make individual clocks.

Making Analogue Clocks - July 2021

The year 1 children were very proud of the analogue clocks they made today.

Sports Day Winners - July 2021

Well done everyone!

Mini Sports Day - July 2021

We had great fun at our mini sports day!

Money - July 2021

This morning the children worked hard trying to find the same value using different coins.


Art Lesson - July 2021

This afternoon year 1 finished their art unit on drawing. The children have been studying the different values of pencils, pencil lines, how to draw from a 2D picture and today they drew a 3D object. We had a lovely afternoon studying the flowers shapes and drawing them whilst listening to calming music.

Fruit Salads - June 2021

Year 1's DT this term has been all about researching fruit, thinking about why making a fruit salad is a good idea, what skills and resources we would need, designing our own fruit salad and today we created our own fruit salad from our design. Next week we will evaluate it. All the children had a great time eating their creations.

World Ocean Day - June 2021

Today is World Ocean Day. The children in year 1 have been learning about how important the ocean is to us and how to look after it. They then made a sea animal and some of their animals were more adventurous than others.