Year 2 5Ws

In Year 2 we love knowing that God is helping us in everything that we do and that he is a big part of our lives. We love singing 'God is Everywhere' and knowing he is all around us.


Welcome - God is in our hearts and we welcome people into our school and classroom with a happy face.


Worship - Prayer, worship and reflection are part of our daily lives - we pray through songs and good kind actions.


Witness - We try to live our lives by the values Jesus taught us. We give witness by knowing God loves us and telling others about God's love. We let Jesus' light shine through us.


Word - We know Gods word through stories from the Bible. We try to live like Jesus by being kind, loving and sharing.


Welfare - We show love and respect for everybody and everything we say and do. We know that we should treat other people how we want to be treated.