Year 2 Gallery of Events 2017-18

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 2.

The History of Transport - February 2018

We began this topic with a focus on The Wright Brothers.

This is Cara from Year 2B who enjoyed our learning so much that she went home and built a model of The Wright Brothers first plane!

I was so impressed, I particularly liked the attention to detail with Orville's moustache!

Little Red Riding Hood Wow Day - February 2018

The children have been learning all about wolves and this is a celebration of all that hard work!

Biscuit Fractions - February 2018

This week year 2 had the tricky tast of tackling fractions e.g 1/2 and 1/4 of a shape or a number. This was made much easier with the help of some chocolate digestives! The children could split the biscuit into halves and quarters with their friends. 

Year 2 Pablo Picasso Art - January 2018

Here are some examples of Year 2 B's art work over the last two weeks.

Our artist is Pablo Picasso and the children have thoroughly enjoyed researching about his life and his work.

The Big Bad Wolf Trial - January 2018

Year 2 B put the Big Bad Wolf on trial for his crimes against the three little pigs. The jury decided he was guilty after listening to his story and gathering evidence. The children had a great time! Especially PC Zac Purdey who was a fantastic witness. 

Manchester United Football Tournament - December 2017

Year 2 and 3 took part in a football tournament at Manchester United football grounds and Year 2 won the tournament.  Well done everyone!

Our PE Lesson - November 2017

We had great fun challenging ourselves with the PE apparatus in the school hall.

Christmas Cake Making - November 2017

We had a great time learning how to make Christmas cake and helping with the process.

Anti-Bullying - November 2017

We each wrote on our paper hands what we need to do to stop bullying.

Tescos - Farm to Fork

Tesco visit - Farm to Fork, linking in with our Science learning on nutrition and healthy bodies.

Living and Non-Living Science Activity

We have been sorting objects into living/ not living and those that used to live.


Odd Socks Day - November 2017

We wore odd socks for national anti bullying week and wore yellow for friendship.


Writing Instructions - How to make a jam sandwich

We made jam sandwiches when learning how to write instructions in literacy.