Year 2 Gallery of Events 2017-18

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 2.

Our PE Lesson - November 2017

We had great fun challenging ourselves with the PE apparatus in the school hall.

Christmas Cake Making - November 2017

We had a great time learning how to make Christmas cake and helping with the process.

Anti-Bullying - November 2017

We each wrote on our paper hands what we need to do to stop bullying.

Tescos - Farm to Fork

Tesco visit - Farm to Fork, linking in with our Science learning on nutrition and healthy bodies.

Living and Non-Living Science Activity

We have been sorting objects into living/ not living and those that used to live.


Odd Socks Day - November 2017

We wore odd socks for national anti bullying week and wore yellow for friendship.


Writing Instructions - How to make a jam sandwich

We made jam sandwiches when learning how to write instructions in literacy.