Year 2 Gallery of Events 2023

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 2.

Grandparents' Day - May 2023

Year 2 had a lovely time welcoming lots of visitors to our classrooms. We enjoyed 'connecting' with one another especially as it's mental health awareness week. We enjoyed sharing stories, our work and wellbeing activities.

Andy Goldsworthy Collages - May 2023

The year 2 children have been experimenting with natural resources to make their own collages using British born artist Andy Goldsworthy as inspiration.

Sea Scenes - May 2023

The children using their colour mixing skills to make various shades and tints to make their own sea scenes.

Collages - May 2023

Children using their prior knowledge to make a wide variety of collages - animals, plants, outdoor scenes, aliens....

Live Science Lesson: How are tractors connected to outer space? - March 2023

Year 2 joined a live science lesson organised by NFU 'How are tractors connected to outer space?. They found out about the different materials they were made from and why these materials were most suitable. They acted out some of the jobs tractors do on a farm and of course found out how tractors are connected to outer space!

Stay and Pray - March 2023

Stay and Pray for Y2 children and parents.

Forest School Treat - March 2023

The children enjoying Forest School as a belated reward for recycling the most Christmas Cards.



ICT Drawing - March 2023

Purple Mash programme in ICT to draw and paint a bee.

Art Lesson: David Hockey - March 2023

This afternoon, the children having been learning about tone in their art lesson. They had to look carefully at the different tones used in David Hockney's 'The Big Splash' to place the puzzle pieces back together to recreate the original picture.

World Book Day - March 2023

We had a great time dressing up and celebrating World Book Day!

Welcome to the trial of the Big Bad Wolf! - March 2023

Today, we were judge and jury as The Big Bad Wolf stood trial for his crimes.

The children became jury members and had to listen to the evidence put before them.  

They listened to “The Wolf’s Story” (our new book by Toby Forward) and discussed his 

version of events.  The wolf said that he was grandma’s best friend! That he did jobs 

around the house for her and looked after her! Then we looked at the evidence put 

before us. A frayed red cape which looked like it had BITE marks and a basket full of fruit! 

The same basket that the wolf had sworen contained sticky toffees…..
We then had a visit from a witness at the scene, poor old grandma! She told her side of the story

and the jury found lots of holes and suspicious parts that did not marry up with the wolf’s version!
After that, the jury discussed their findings and cast their verdicts. Jury member Rubio helped 

Judge Peck to count the votes for  innocent or guilty.
With a staggering 27- vote, the jury found the Wolf….GUILTY! He awaits his sentencing after our 

lunch time, until we decide a worthy punishment.

We’ve had a GREAT morning and we will be using this experience to write a recount next week 

all about the courtroom drama of the wolf.


Ash Wednesday - February 2023

Today we visited church for a special mass and to receive our ashes.
The children have discussed the symbols behind the ashes and how this marks our holy season of Lent.
Father Stephen explained to us how Lent is a special time for prayer and fasting.
We will be making our own “lent promises” today to see if we can keep them for 40 whole days.
We also watched this video before church to help explain the process.

Properties of Materials - February 2023

The children had great fun testing different materials to find out which one was most suitable for making a rain hat for teddy. Poor teddy got wet a few times!

Pancake Flipping - February 2023

Safe to say we’ve had a ball this morning with our pancake flipping competition! Many thanks to the school council children for organising it and to our school council representative Joshua for keeping score.
Well done to Jacob who won by a country mile in our class with 60 unbroken flips!! Even the staff couldn’t beat that!

Maths Lesson - February 2023

Learning about multiplication as repeated addition and using the x sign correctly.

PE Lesson: Treasure Hunt - February 2023

Yesterday’s PE lesson was absolutely fabulous! The children culminated their learning around orienteering in a treasure hunt around the junior playground! They had to use their map skills to find the correct Disney cards that had been hidden and we had a whale of a time . The children worked very well in teams and used great communication skills

The Plague - January 2023

Today we travelled back in time to 1665 to see what life in London was like during 

The Plague! This lesson is the first in our sequence for The Great Fire of London

as it helps us to understand what life was like for people at the time of the fire. 

The children found it hysterical that people in the past did not use toilets correctly! 

They also couldn’t believe how people didn’t realise that washing hands would

 stop germs from spreading!

We created a poster all about The Plague and we even sang a well known 

song “Ring-a-ring o’ roses” and discussed the songs link to The Plague! 

Definitely one of our more disgusting lessons so naturally, everyone had a great time.

The Great Fire of London - Final Art piece! - January 2023

Last term, the children were looking at blending and smudging techniques to create different effects.

Today, all their skills culminated in their final art pieces of The Great Fire of London! I’m sure you’ll agree, they look fantastic!

The Proudest Blue Writing - January 2023

Take a look...

NSPCC Assembly - January 2023

This morning the children attended a “speak out stay safe” assembly. This is run by the NSPCC and teaches children how they all have the right to speak out and stay safe. We made lists of our trusted adults who we can speak to if we feel upset and discussed things that aren’t ok such as hitting, bullying etc.

Click to Download NSPCC resources - (parent.carer.schools) - spring 2022 [pdf 379KB] Click to Download

Design Technology: Create! - January 2023

This afternoon we got stuck in to the fun of creating our puppets!  The children absolutely loved it! And I was beyond impressed with their skills of cutting around templates. We had to fix the two pieces of fabric together using PVA glue, then decorate our puppet using the design we sketched into our books. The final product will be evaluated tomorrow. 


Design Technology: Plan and Design - January 2023

Today we revisited our puppets project and began our “plan and design” part of our sequence.  The children looked through their research of different hand puppets and selected some features that they liked. They then used these ideas to sketch their own puppet! They had to be careful about sticking to their template.

Reading Comprehension - January 2023

Now we are starting a new year, we are starting a brand new lesson!
We are beginning our chapter book “The Boy Who Grew Dragons” 
This lesson is a lot more mature than phonics and the children have absolutely loved it so far!
We all have a copy of the chapter book and follow on as either myself or the children read aloud to the class. This is a great chance to focus on our expression when reading.
After each chapter, we summarise what we have read and predict what will happen next. They were desperate to carry on after chapter 1 and couldn’t believe we had to stop for dinner time! Eventually, we will introduce different types of comprehension questions to prepare them for examinations further in the year.
This is the next stage of reading for our year 2 children, we are scaffolding the change from sounding out and blending words to becoming fluent readers.

Reset Week - January 2023

As we do each half term, our first week is our behaviour reset week. We dedicate time to revisiting our Always Rules and what is expected of us around school.
This morning, we all made posters about:

The Always Rules 

- Do your best 

- Show respect 

- Use friendly language 

- Choose safe behaviour 

- Be in the right place at the right time

- Dress to impress

I’ve got to say, we’ve all been excellent Always Children this morning! Like we’ve never been away