Year 2 Gallery of Events 2020-21

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 2.

Jesus' Journey - March 2021

During this special time of Holy Week, we have been reflecting on Jesus' journey. Today Year 2 visited the stations of the cross that each year group created and we talked about Jesus' sacrifice.

St Patrick's Day Celebrations - March 2021

Year 2 were treated to a very special performance by Mrs Johnson and her fiddle to celebrate St Patrick's Day!  They absolutely loved it!

Forest School - March 2021

The Year 2's had a brilliant, muddy time at Forest School.

Mary Anning - March 2021

Year 2 have loved learning about Mary Anning the famous female paleontologist to celebrate International Women's Day and Science week. We have learnt about Mary Anning and we have been paleontologists ourselves and uncovered lots of fossils. We have had a lot of fun!


Welcome Back Year 2 - March 2021

Year 2 excited to get back into the classroom today!

African Bags - October 2020

 Year 2 have loved their Design and Technology topic of Textiles. They have researched, reasoned, practiced the skills, made bags using African patterns and now will evaluate their creations. Well done Year 2.

Pink Day Breast Cancer Awareness Charity - October 2020

Year 2 have loved raising money and awareness for Breast Cancer. So far they have raised £98! Well done!'

Music Lesson - October 2020

The Year 2's have loved their music lesson. They learnt how to play a song using the notes. Well done Year 2!