Year 3 Gallery of Events 2022-2023

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 3.


The King's Coronation - May 2023

The Coronation of King Charles III Celebrations.

Maths Lesson: Directions - April 2023

The children have enjoyed using their knowledge of movement and turns to direct their peers. 

Computing Lesson - April 2023

The children used Just2easy to create data branches. 



Art Lesson: Printing - April 2023

The children have enjoyed printing. 



Rounders - April 2023

The children have been enjoying rounders in PE. 


Science Lesson: Magnetic Compass - March 2023

The children made their own magnetic compass. They tested their compass by slowly turning the bowl around. The magnet should have continued to point north. 

World Book Day - March 2023

The children dressed up as a word and we all shared our vocabulary and the definitons. The children took part in some book tasting. 


Year 3B's First Reconciliation - March 2023

The Sacrament of Reconciliation helps us to be aware of the loving mercy of God in our lives and to have the confidence to know that there can always be fresh starts with God and each other when we need them. 

Stay and Pray - March 2023

Pupil Chaplains held a Stay and Pray session for Year 3 to help them prepare for their Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Valentine's Day Celebrations - February 2023

Valentine's Day Crafts.

Art Lesson: Stonehenge - February 2023

As part of Year 3's form topic in art, they manipulated, rolled and shaped clay to form their own Stonehenge models.

PE Lesson: Orienteering - February 2023

This half-term the children have been orienteering. 


Science Lesson - February 2023

Investigating friction in Science.

Children's Mental Health Week - January 2023

Year 3 connecting with Nursery for Children's Mental Health Week.

Year 3's Candlemas Assembly - January 2023

Year 3's Candlemas assembly. 

Persuasive Writing - January 2023

Year 3 have been identifying the features of a persuasive text as part of our English unit.

Maths - January 2023

The children have been using manipulatives to create equal groups. 

Persuasive Writing - January 2023

The children looked at examples of persuasive writing and labelled the different features. 

Christmas Party - December 2022

We had great fun at our Christmas Party!



Design Technology: Nets and Structures - December 2022

The children used a net to create shell structures. They identified the different parts of a net and practised cutting and folding accurately. 


English Lesson - November 2022

The children explored the thoughts and feelings of a character through hot seating. 

PE Lesson: Gymnastics - October 2022 

PE Lesson: Handball - December 2022

This half-term the children have been learning how to play handball.  

Christmas Jumper Day - December 2022

We loved gathering as a community to share juice, biscuits and a little festive cheer. 

Class Mass - December 2022

Presentation class mass for Year 3B in church. This marks the beginning of their sacramental journey. 


Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) - October 2022

Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is a celebration during which the dead are honoured. It is a time we remember the happy memories of those who have passed away.

Our Church - November 2022

Year 3M being presented into church.


Paraliturgy - October 2022

Year 3's paraliturgy at the end of our religion topic on families.

Maths: Flexible Partitioning - September 2022 

Science: Shadow investigation - September 2022

Macmillan Coffee Morning - September 2022

Macmillan Coffee Morning for our class charity.