Year 3 Gallery of Events 2018 - 2019

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 3.


Lacrose - January 2019

This half term in PE we are looking at a new sport, Lacrose. This week we learnt four different techniques to pick up the ball with our sticks.

Christmas - December 2018


Solstice Artwork - December 2018


St Nicholas Visits Y3M - December 2018

In The Netherlands children celebrate St Nicholas on 5th December.  Mrs Murtin is from The Netherlands so we decided to learn more about their traditions.  St Nicholas stopped by and asked us to put one of our PE pumps out he so he could leave us a present.  We learned that in The Netherlands children leave a shoe out for him and he puts a gift in their shoe!

Building Stonehenge from Biscuits - December 2018

This week in our topic lesson, Year 3 have been learning about Stonehenge. In groups, we used different biscuits to build our own Stonehenge models. We planned our designs first on paper, thinking about how we could represent the different stones used to build Stonehenge.

Stone Age Poo - November 2018

Baptism and Liturgy - November 2018

Harvest Assembly and Bob Apple - November 2018

Mass and Cave Art - October 2018

This week on Friday we had attended our first class mass as year 3. In topic we recreated cave paintings on brown paper using charcoal. We carried out our art work under the table to help us imagine what it would be like in a cave for Stone Age people.

Shadows and World Mental Health Day - October 2018

On Wednesday we carried out an experiment on shadows in science. We looked at how shadows changed position and size at different times of the day.  We also wore yellow on Wednesday for Hello Yellow day raising awareness for mental health. 

Being Archeologists - October 2018

To support our topic about the Stone Age we have been learning more about being an archeologist.

Contraction surgery - October 2018

This week in SPaG we looked at contracting words using apostrophes.

Tag Rugby - October 2018

In PE we started to learn how to play tag rugby. We focused on being an attacker where we had to try and grab our partner's bib or a defender where we had to protect our bib from our partner trying to grab it.


Science - Shadow Lesson - September 2018

This week in science we carried out an experiement investigating whether objects were opaque, transparent or translucent. We used torches to see how much light could pass through each object.

Stone Age Timeline - September 2018

This week we looked at a timeline from the Stone Age to try and give us an idea how long ago the Stone Age was. 

French Lessons - September 2018

We also started our French lessons with Mrs Sloan where we learnt numers1-10.