Year 3 Gallery of Events 2019-2020

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 3.


Magnets Science Game - February 2020

For the end of our Forces and Magnets topics year 3 designed made and evaluated their own magnetic game.

Year of the Word - February 2020

This year is the Year of the Word.  Year 3 have been looking carefully at the bible and reading scripture after a great assembly with Mrs Faulkner.

Robots - February 2020

Over the half term holidays year three designed and made their own robots to help them write an instruction manual in English.  They all look fantastic!

Mardi Gras - February 2020

Year 3 dressed up in gold, green and purple to celebrate Mardi Gras.  They learnt all about the festival and even made their own masks.

Chester Trip - February 2020

Year 3 visited the Roman Dewa Experience in Chester.  They learnt about Roman fighting formations and enjoyed dressing as Roman soldiers.

Rockstar Day - February 2020

We enjoyed dressing up as Rockstars for NSPCC number day.

Making a Compass - February 2020

Year 3 have been learning about magnetic poles.  They used a homemade compass to find treasure in the playground.

Science Friction Investigation - February 2020

We investigated how much friction different materials had by seeing how far a toy car travelled.  We used a metre stick to measure the distance.

Forces and Magnets - January 2020

Acting our forces.

Hockey - January 2020

This term Year 3 are learning to play hockey.  We have enjoyed practising our skills.

'Come and See' Topic Celebration - December 2020

Before Christmas Year 3 gathered together in the hall to celebrate the end of our 'Come and See topic'.

Christmas Party - December 2020

Year 3 had lots of fun at our Christmas party.

Fruit Kebabs - December 2020

Year 3 designed, made and evaluated their own Christmas fruit kebabs.

Baptism Celebration - December 2019

Chinese Visitors - December 2019

The Skeleton and Movement - November 2019

To support our topic about movement we have been learning all about different types of skeletons.  This week we have been learning about the human skeleton and the part it plays in how we move.  In groups we tried to put all the bones in the correct place to create a life-size human skeleton.

Friendship Friday - November 2019

Year 3 and Nursery Connect - As part of our 'Five Ways to Wellbeing Programme' we have a Connect Initiative where classes are paired with each other to build relationships across the school.  Year 3 are paired with Nursery.

Reflective Materials - October 2019

In science we have been finding out which material is most reflective.

Celebration - October 2019

Year 3 celebrated our end of 'Homes' topic in the hall as a year group.

Class Mass - October 2019

We gathered in church as a year group to celebrate our first class masses.

Stone Age Houses

Year 3 worked together in groups to make Stone Age houses using foraged materials.

Class Charity - WWF - October 2019

Shadow Experiments - October 2019

Mystery Readers - October 2019

Shadow Investigations - September 2019

This week in science we have been investigating shadows ad how they are formed. We used torches to look at different objects and looked whether they were opaque, translucent or transparent.

Rugby - September 2019

In PE this half term we are learning to play rugby, this week we learnt the basic skills of rugby like how to hold a ball properly so we wouldn’t drop it when getting tackled then we learnt how to throw the ball to our partner.

Chinese Visitors - September 2019

This week we were lucky enough to have some visitors to come into our classroom and watch our comprehension lesson.  Before they left they gave us some beautiful presents all the way from Beijing in China!

World Climate Strike Day - September 2019

Friday 19th was Global Climate Strike Day, we decided as a school to wear green to show our support and we spent one lesson having a class decision about Climate change.

Being Archeologists - September 2019

Jonah Grew a Pumpkin - September 2019

Welcome to Year 3 - September 2019

First day in Year 3.