Year 4 Gallery of Events 2017-18

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 4.

Anglo-Saxon Day - May 2018

The children thoroughly enjoyed their day!

Contrasting Settings - March 2018

These pictures are of some drawing and painting year 4 have done of contrasting settings linked to their Literacy work. 

Electricity and Friction - February 2018

This week the children in Year 4 started their new topic in Science on electricity. They enjoyed an experiment using balloons looking at friction. 

Saxon Brooches - February 2018

This week the children in Year 4 have used clay to create some Anglo Saxon Brooches. 

Year 4 RE Lesson - February 2018

This week in RE the children in Year 4 were using the bibles to look up different bible references. 

Year 4 Jewish Week - January 2018

Last week was Jewish week and the children in Year 4 enjoyed having a look at the Torah and having a go at some Hebrew writing of their own. 

Year 4G Cornet Lesson - January 2018

We are contuining to enjoy our cornet lessons and are making good improvements in playing and in reading music.

Year 4 Dance Lesson - January 2018

First lesson looking at a Hip Hop Dance.

Year 4 P.E. Lesson - January 2018

They really enjoyed their first session of Hockey!

Egyptian Day - December 2017

We had an Egyptian Day at school to help us learn more about our topic of Ancient Egypt.  We dressed as Mummies, Pharohs and Egyptian Gods, learned how to dance like an Egyptian and made some amazing Egyptian art.  We had lots of fun.

Multi-Skills Competition - November 2017

Multi-Skills Competition - 8 children from Year 4 attended the competetion at the Failsworth Ball Hall. They took part in different activties including a relay, speed bounce, shuttle run, tennis ball catch and agility run. All children had great fun and enjoyed the competition.


Oldham Athletic Kids Cup - November 2017

Oldham Athletic Kids Cup - Our Football team including members from Year 5 and 6 took part in the Kids Cup which is led by Oldham Athletic Community Trust and played at Oldham Athletic's training ground at Chapel Road. The children won 2 of their games and lost 1. We missed out on going to the next round by 1 point but all children played brilliantly and represented St Mary's well.


Scooters, Skates and Skateboards - November 2017

Scooters, Skates and Skateboards - 4 children from Year 5 attended this session at the Failsworth Ball Hall. The session was led by World Champion Inline Skater Jenna Downing. The children had a great time as you can see in the pictures.