Year 4 Gallery of Events 2020-21

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 4.

Athletics Session - June 2021

Year 4 enjoyed their Athletics session in the beautiful sunshine.  The children learned how to perform the triple jump!

Month of Mary - May 2021

During the Month of Mary, Year 4 have decorated our class altar with fresh flowers.  Our children have given thanks and offered daily prayers to Our Lady.  We also had the opportunity to visit church to crown Our Lady.

Holy Communion - May 2021

This year, our Year 4 children made their first Holy Communion.  To celebrate this, we held our own Communion Party in class and the children enjoyed a drink and some party snacks.  What a lovely afternoon!

Forest School - April 2021

Year 4 had a fantastic morning working together to solve problems and build dens in our Forest School.

Poetry Week - March 2021

To mark Poetry Week, Year 4 have been studying the poem, 'I don't like poetry' by Joshua Seigal .  The children used this poem as a stimulus to create their own poems.  They included lots of literary devices, including similes, metaphors, alliteration and onomatopoeia.

Science Experience - March 2021

The children explored how different variables can impact the outcome of an experiment.  The children investigated how much energy different liquids can produce.

Christmas Jumper Day - December 2020

4G on Christmas jumper day.

Calendars - December 2020

This is 4G proudly displaying the calendars they have made to enjoy at home in 2021.

Weekly Liturgies - December 2020

During Advent, Year 4 will participate in weekly liturgies.  This week, the children gathered to reflect on how we can 'Walk in the light of the Lord!'  We were called to think about the things we can do to please God and how we can spread the light.

Charity Cosy Pyjama Day - November 2020

To raise money for our chosen charity 'British Heart Foundation', the children in Year 4 had a Cosy Pyjama Movie Day.  The children enjoyed watching The Grinch and had lots of popcorn!

Remembrance Day - November 2020

To mark Remembrance Day, the children made poppies and observed a two minutes silence.  The children also employed 'Hot Seating' to help them interpret the soldier's thoughts and feelings.  All children then assumed the role of a soldier to write a heartfelt letter home.


Drama Techniques - September 2020

During our comprehension lessons, the children in Year 4 have been using drama techniques to make inferences about characters.  The children had lots of fun working collaboratively to infer character thoughts and feelings.