Year 5 Gallery of Events 2022-23

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 5.

Nature Printing - May 2023

Year 5 have enjoyed collecting items from forest school to use in our printing experiment.

Lunchtime Fun - April 2023

Computing, dancing and games club - all fun activities for lunchtime! 

Maths Lesson: Fraction - April 2023

Year 5 have enjoyed exploring the difference between tenths and hundredths. 

Local Walk - April 2023

Year 5 enjoyed a walk around the local area today. We stopped off at the library, failsworth pole and the park. We took our maps and found the places we stopped and marked them on the map. 

Relief Printing - April 2023

Year 5 have enjoyed reviewing relief printing. 

CDE Song - April 2023

After learning the different types of notes, we read a piece of music and played the CDE song.

Notations - April 2023

We have looked at the different types of notations and their names and how many beats some notes last for. We played notation pairs.

Ternary Piece - April 2023

We have enjoyed using the xylophones this term to create our own ternary piece of music to evoke an oceanic atmosphere. 


Maths Lesson: Remainders and Fractions - March 2023

Year 5 have enjoyed using manipulatives to understand the relationship between remainders and fractions.

Football Tournament - March 2023

Today, the year 5 boys went to Manchester City Academy to compete in a football tournament. The boys all played very well making it through to the semi-finals. Well done! 

Design Technology: Bags - February 2023

Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed sewing in DT to produce their own bags including zips from scratch!

Angles - February 2023

The children had a recap about different types of angles. We looked at three different angles; acute, obtuse and right angles. The children used their arms to show the different angles. They then drew different versions of each angle.

Valentine's Roses - February 2023

The PTA and Friends of St Mary's very kindly handmade roses for each of the children for Valentine's Day. 


Children's Mental Health Week - February 2023

The theme for children's mental health week was 'connect'. Year 5 connected with Miss Fox's class in year 1. The year 1 children joined year 5 for their final orienteering PE lesson. All the children went on a hunt around the playground using their maps to find different logos and name them. The children loved connecting with each other. 

Design Technology: Textiles - February 2023

The children have been focusing on textiles in design and technology. They have been practising different types of stitching techniques and sewing two pieces of material together. The children have sewn material together to create a bag with a handle. All the children shown great resilience and worked very well. We will be adding some decoration and designs to our bags this term. 

Always Treat - January 2023

The children loved our Always Treat this week. We all watched a film and had special treat of popcorn. 


ICT - January 2023

The children have been concentrating really hard this term in ICT. The children have been using the polyline tool on google draw to create vector portraits of different celebrities. 

English Craft - January 2023

As part of the children's English work we wrote our own persuasive advert about a prank box full of prank/joke items. The children then had the chance to creative their own prank items. 



Always Treat - January 2023

This week the children have had a question on their Get, Set, Go about reflection of letters. We practised with our own initials, then the children had time to free paint. The children created some masterpieces!

Multi-Faith Week - January 2023

The children enjoyed learning about different faiths. We learnt about Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism.


Always Treat - January 2023

We wrote a non-chronological about our very own mythical creatures in English. We decided to make our own squashy dragons as our Always Treat. 

Orienteering - January 2023

The children have begun orienteering in PE this term. We have looked at the different symbols on a map and what they each represent. Hopefully, we can get outside more as the term progresses. 

Rugby - December 2022

Children enjoyed doing rugby in PE. We learnt how to hold the ball properly and pass the ball behind. 



Pulley Mechanism - October 2022

Y5 practising using their own pulley mechanism in DT.

Class Charity:  Lifeshare - October 2022

Our class charity this year is Lifeshare, which is a homeless charity. World Homeless Day was, 10th October 2022. As a year group, we spent half an hour completing a lesson outside, we discussed the importance of our class charity.

Knowledge Assembly - October 2022

This term Year 5 performed a Knowledge assembly all about Agents of Change. The assembly reflected everything we have been learning in humanities. We have learnt about the peaceful protests lead by; Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and Rosa Parks. 



Gymnastics - October 2022

This term the children have been doing gymnastics in our PE lessons. We have learnt lots of different techniques, including the different types of jumps and rolls.


Religion: Ourselves - October 2022

This term we have been focusing of the topic 'Ourselves' in religion. We reflected on our talents and qualities and how we can be peacemakers. 


Always Treat - October 2022

The children thoroughly enjoyed creating their own paintings and pictures during their Always Treat last week. 

Number Lines - October 2022

Practising using number lines. 

Gingerbread House - October 2022

Year 5 have been studying the dark fairytale Hansel and Gretel so we made our gingerbread house.

Black History Month - October 2022

Today in assembly, we celebrated Black History Month. We looked at migration to the United Kingdom - particularly the Windrush Generation. We shared this story and prayed for equality and peace in our world.

International Peace Day - October 2022

To celebrate International Peace Day, year 5 have studied St. Paul’s scripture and Gandhis work to develop our knowledge of peacemakers. 

Making Slime - September 2022

Year 5 enjoyed their first Always treat - making slime!