Year 5 Gallery of Events 2022-23

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 5.

Always Treat - January 2023

This week the children have had a question on their Get, Set, Go about reflection of letters. We practised with our own initials, then the children had time to free paint. The children created some masterpieces!

Multi-Faith Week - January 2023

The children enjoyed learning about different faiths. We learnt about Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism.


Always Treat - January 2023

We wrote a non-chronological about our very own mythical creatures in English. We decided to make our own squashy dragons as our Always Treat. 

Orienteering - January 2023

The children have begun orienteering in PE this term. We have looked at the different symbols on a map and what they each represent. Hopefully, we can get outside more as the term progresses. 

Rugby - December 2022

Children enjoyed doing rugby in PE. We learnt how to hold the ball properly and pass the ball behind. 



Pulley Mechanism - October 2022

Y5 practising using their own pulley mechanism in DT.

Class Charity:  Lifeshare - October 2022

Our class charity this year is Lifeshare, which is a homeless charity. World Homeless Day was, 10th October 2022. As a year group, we spent half an hour completing a lesson outside, we discussed the importance of our class charity.

Knowledge Assembly - October 2022

This term Year 5 performed a Knowledge assembly all about Agents of Change. The assembly reflected everything we have been learning in humanities. We have learnt about the peaceful protests lead by; Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and Rosa Parks. 



Gymnastics - October 2022

This term the children have been doing gymnastics in our PE lessons. We have learnt lots of different techniques, including the different types of jumps and rolls.


Religion: Ourselves - October 2022

This term we have been focusing of the topic 'Ourselves' in religion. We reflected on our talents and qualities and how we can be peacemakers. 


Always Treat - October 2022

The children thoroughly enjoyed creating their own paintings and pictures during their Always Treat last week. 

Number Lines - October 2022

Practising using number lines. 

Gingerbread House - October 2022

Year 5 have been studying the dark fairytale Hansel and Gretel so we made our gingerbread house.

Black History Month - October 2022

Today in assembly, we celebrated Black History Month. We looked at migration to the United Kingdom - particularly the Windrush Generation. We shared this story and prayed for equality and peace in our world.

International Peace Day - October 2022

To celebrate International Peace Day, year 5 have studied St. Paul’s scripture and Gandhis work to develop our knowledge of peacemakers. 

Making Slime - September 2022

Year 5 enjoyed their first Always treat - making slime!