Year 5 Gallery of Events 2018-19

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 5.


Christian Unity and Our Mission - February 2019

We had a jam-packed week full of visitors. First from Ellie at Francis House we came into thank us for all the fundraising we have been doing and secondly from Rev. Shelia Coop from the Macedonia United Reformed Church who came to speak to us about the similarities and differences between our beliefs. The children enjoyed creating and asking questions to our visitors.

In Year 5D and 5F, we have been celebrating Christian Unity week and looking at our mission and the mission of others. We finished the week by writing some thoughtful prayers about Christian unity.

Rainforest Art - January 2019

Year 5 design and create a rainforest.

Class Scripture - January 2019

For our class scripture year 5 have chosen the following:
"A new command I give you: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another"
John  13:34

We created the art work to include each child's finger print. Every child has a copy at home and we have it on display in the classrooms.

Shakesperean Insults - Romeo and Juliet - January 2019

Year 5 sharing Shakesperean insults during a drama lesson. We are studying Romeo and Juliet. Recreating the fight between Montagues and Capulats, but pupils couldn't stop laughing.

Bake Off - December 2018

Jesse Tree and Make a Wish Foundation - December 2018

Year 5 are supporting Francis House as our charity for this year. We raised nearly £40 by selling 'make a wish' and hanging it on school tree. We also created a Jesse Tree, which is an Advent tradition, it tells the stories from the Old testament, showing Jesus as a descendant from King David.

Y5F and G - Collaborative Group Work - December 2018

Solving problems in Maths.

Year 5 Hockey Skills - September 2018

Year 5 have been practising their hockey skills in PE.


Year 5 Anglo-Saxon Kings - September 2018

Year 5 have been on the hunt for information about Anglo-Saxon kings.


Year 5D Parts of a Flower - September 2018

5D have been labeling the parts of a flower in Science by matching up the names of the parts of the flower with their function.

Handprints - September 2018

In Year 5 we have created a handprint of all our talents and qualities to create a wonderful entrance to our classes areas.

Y5F Collages of Our Lady - September 2018

In Year 5 we have been using our artistic talents to create collage image of Our Lady.

Trim Trail and High Ropes Fun - September 2018

Y5F have been having fun outside on the trim trail.  Y5D have been having fun outside climbing on the high ropes.

Y5D 100 Book Challenge - September 2018

Y5D have been into the library with Mrs Ward and some have started the 100 books challenge.