Year 5 Gallery of Events 2021-22

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 5.

Creating our own Music - April 2022

We created our own ternary pieces and performed them in class. 

Lent - April 2022

Year 5 reflected on the events of Holy Week by visiting the Stations of the Cross and the performed 'Resurrection Rock' for the school and their families. 

Force Experiments - April 2022

In Science, we have been carrying out experiments for different forces. We looked at the difference between mass and weight and measured different items using an Newton metre. We also carried out an experiment into the effects of air resistance where we made parachutes.


World Book Day - March 2022

We had fun visiting the book cafe and having a look at different book genres. We all dressed up as a different word and it was fun to try and work out what word people were dressed as. 


Valentine's Day - February 2022

For Valentine’s Day, the school council asked everyone to come to school dressed in red. We brought in pictures of those we love (family, friends and pets) and created a display.


Earth and Space Topic - February 2022

In Science, we have been learning all about Earth and Space. We researched the planets in our solar system and created fact files about them.

Skateboarding Workshop - February 2022

Year Five had great fun during our skateboarding workshops this half term.

Maths Lesson: Fractions - February 2022

In Maths, we have been learning about fractions. We carried out an investigation into equivalent fractions using a fraction wall to help us visualise equivalents.

ICT Portraits - February 2022



Greek Pots - January 2022

In Art, we have been focusing on ‘Form’. We linked the topic to our current History topic of ‘Ancient Greece’. We researched types of pottery used, the patterns and their uses. We designed our own Greek pots and then made them out of clay.

Greek Cooking Day - January 2022

Year Five took part in a Greek cooking day with Pat the Fun Food Chef. In DT, we looked at Greek food and designed our own banquest meal before making and eating it. This links in with our current DT and History lessons.


Sound Investigation - December 2021

The children have been investigating sound this term. They have completed different experiments and observed how we can feel and visualise sound. We use elastic bands, boxes, a triangle and rice on a tambourine.

PE Lesson - December 2021

This term in PE Year 5 have been taking part in gymnastics. They have concentrated on making different shapes and balancing.



Castleshaw Trip - December 2021

Both Year 5 classes spent the day at Castleshaw. We looked at the different mills around Oldham on our walk to Delph. The children enjoyed a hot chocolate and made their own bread.



Christmas Craft - December 2021

This week children have been preparing for Christmas and creating their own Christmas cards and calendars.

PE Lesson - October 2021

In PE, Year 5 have been learning skills such as passing, throwing and defending to play rugby.

Music Lesson - October 2021

In Music, Year 5 have working with Mrs Butterworth in singing. In class, we have been listening to different genres of music. We looked at 12 bar blues and have been using body percussion to recreate Elvis Presley's 'Hound Dog'.

Art Lesson - October 2021

In Art, we have been looking at warm and cold colours and at how colours create mood. We created art work that encorporated contrasting colours e.g. night and day (warm and cold). We also looksed at colour and how it reminds us of a certain mood or emotion. We then created our own mood characters.

Black History Month - October 2021

As October is Black History Month, we have been focusing on an Nelson Mandela as an inspirational figure. We researched his life, created a timeline and designed comic strips to retell his story. We then reflected on the impact he had on the world.