Year 6 Gallery of Events 2022-23

Take a look at some of the fun things we have been doing in Year 6.


Chrome Music Lab - March 2023

Year 6 enjoyed using Chrome Music Lab - song maker in their music lesson today to create a piece or ternary music. 

Reflected Light - March 2023

In their Light topic Year 6 were investigating whether different materials reflected light, they were working scientifically by making careful observations, setting up their own simple tests and explained what they observed using scientific language.

Stockport Air Raid Shelter - January 2023

Year 6 enjoyed their trip to Stockport Air Raid Shelter where they had a tour of a shelter and got an insight into what it would have been like to be evacuated during World War 2. 

Always Treat - January 2023

Design Technology: Bird Hide - January 2023

Year 6 have designed, created and evaluated their own small-scale version of a bird hide in DT. They practised skills first and then used these skills to create the initial structure before covering with material.

Tag Rugby - November 2022

This half term we are learning to play tag rugby, so far we have learnt how to hold and pass the ball properly and how to dribble with the ball.


Day of the Dead - October 2022

We had great fun celebrating Day of the Dead!

The Malamander by Thomas Taylor - October 2022

Year 6 have finished reading their class novel called The Malamander by Thomas Taylor. They all thoroughly enjoyed it! 


Science: Making Blood - October 2022

Year 6W enjoying their science experiment making blood. 


World Mental Health Day - October 2022 

Year 6 Hello Yellow Day to celebrate World Mental Health day. 

World Mental Health Day - October 2022

Hello Yellow Day celebrating World Mental Health awareness. 

New Classroom Statue - October 2022

Mass where we had our new classroom statue blessed by Father. 

Paraliturgy:  Unconditional Love - October 2022

Year 6 celebrated the end of our first Come and See Religion topic with a paraliturgy all about unconditional love.

Gymnastic Rolls - October 2022

We've been practising our rolls in PE in our gymnastics topic. Pencil roll, log roll, egg roll, teddy bear roll, forward and backwards rolls and a rock and roll